Turn On Tomorrow

25 Apr

This is all happening too quickly. Words just aren’t sufficient to describe this information age marvel, nor will they do this justice. The Internet has become so prevalent, it is impossible to shun away from it. Electronic giants around the world are rapidly integrating the Internet into every physical object imaginable. This ranges from mobile objects like cell phones and laptops to the less mobile appliances such as televisions and even, the refrigerator. Clearly, this revolution isn’t just a phase. Tomorrow only gets easier.

Isn’t it amazing what Man can do? So where is the Internet going henceforth? Or rather, where else can it go?

It’s time to cave in to temptation and embrace change, even my Grandma is doing it. (She is a proud owner of a brand new set of Sony Bravia Internet TV!)

“Tomorrow will bring us closer, even when we’re apart. Tomorrow’s world is being shaped today.”   –Samsung


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