I for Indispensible

24 Apr

The iPhone can only get more useful and not less. Up until I had myself an iPhone this Chinese New Year, I was skeptical and considerably bias toward the countless amount of praises I was hearing from my close friends, all of which were iZombie converts way ahead of me.

As I dig deeper into its many uses with guidance from my clan of iZombies, my iPhone constantly evolves from just an accessory to an object of utmost convenience that I now, cannot imagine life without.

Not typically an early adopter when it comes to computers and techy gadgets, I have to confess that I’m the type of girl who only makes use of the very basic functions of advanced technology and nothing more if not taught or needed. As with my Macbook, I’m only most familiar with the applications that Apple has pre-configured on my dock. Not without a doubt, this mentality extends to my phone. So whenever I’m around friends who are fellow iPhone users, I usually learn something new about the phone. (This learning will most likely not see an end)

Have you heard of “Internet Tethering”?

In short, to engage in “Internet tethering” is to use your iPhone to provide an Internet connection for your laptop or PC in situations whereby public Wi-Fi is unavailable. It’s rather like mobile broadband, except that instead of plugging in a dongle, you connect your iPhone to your laptop using Bluetooth or a USB cable. “Internet tethering” only works with the 3G-based iPhones, and you have to have a monthly data plan subscription from one of your local phone operators.

With an iPhone, the Internet is only a touch away! This function is too useful to be overlooked. I can’t believe I had not the slightest clue about its existence till last Thursday when I was at Spinelli at The Heeren, which wasn’t classified as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Ignorance is definitely not bliss in this case. If not for being caught in the situation of needing to connect to the Internet on my Mac for urgent purposes, I probably wouldn’t have known about this function till way later, or maybe never even.

What else have I been missing out on, really?


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