An Integration of High Street Fashion and Multimedia

24 Apr

Luxury and high street fashion labels aren’t just setting trends on catwalks and streets around the world anymore. These labels seek to maximize their influence in every possible way, now even molding and challenging the infinite possibilities of the web to their benefit. Even though fashion may be a cultural phenomenon, it is important to note that fashion isn’t just limited to the designer and consumer. Fashion also accommodates a number of other creative professions such as photography, make-up, hairdressing and web designs.

This post will provide you with an insight on an aspect that is often taken for granted when designing a website for a fashion brand; the appropriate level of interactivity required to present a stylish and sophisticated website that not only meets the fashion industry’s standard but most importantly, engage a viewer.

As the use of multimedia on the web is so rife nowadays it has become impossible to pinpoint its boundaries and capabilities, designers are embracing and taking advantage of the latest tools and techniques to allow visitors to “touch” their products and deliver exciting experiences. Incorporating entertaining baits onto their websites such as live-action previews of apparel, webcam functionality, connecting and sharing via popular social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) and even 3-D viewing mode, becoming an online shopaholic is easier than ever.

Let’s take a look at a couple of my favourite successes!

French Connection, a UK-based retail chain, made it both to headlines and history in October last year, with the launch of the world’s first webshop on YouTube, YouTique by French Connection.

In which, stylist Louise Roe, guides viewers through the latest collection with YouTube annotations directing interested shoppers through to the brand’s e-commerce site, for every single thing that you see in each video.

Interesting and very useful, isn’t it?

Another high street favourite is H&M, leading the way when it comes to engaging with its customers online. It’s 6.7 million and counting Facebook fans are treated to a host of multimedia exclusives and the page’s Social Media Room pulls in user-generated H&M-related material from all over the web. This includes blog posts and images. H&M has also used its YouTube channel to release a number of teaser videos.

Now how can we leave Burberry out of this? Saving the best for the last, this luxury fashion house keeps its 5.8 million Facebook fans entertained with exclusive images and video content, as well as ‘Burberry Acoustic‘ musical performances by up-and-coming artists.

Besides Facebook, Burberry also takes full advantage of its Twitter and YouTube platforms. The brand live-streamed its Spring Collection 2011 fashion show, screening it at a number of flagship stores around the world. iPads were even handed out to customers, allowing them to browse or buy the collection during the show through the custom-built app.


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