Where classrooms are a state of mind…

5 Mar

Just imagine, a classroom without walls, without tables, without chairs, without whiteboards, without stationery, without books?

A classroom, all in a portable little box. You are, just but an external spectator, the only student, a classmate to yourself. But at the same time, like before, you’re absorbing the same knowledge, the same curriculum that your tutor has to impart and work by, thinking things all the same, and completing academic tasks all the same. The difference now is that, you’re alone, a being, not in a box, but with a box.

Fact or Fiction? :

Educational institutions are making the shift from the print to the digital medium, for learning purposes. FACT.

Undoubtedly the first ten years of the new millennium have exploded with technological innovation that has permeated into all aspects of our education system. Schools are changing. The way of teaching is changing. Our school bags are getting lighter whilst our brains are still getting loaded at almost the same pace. All will change but the need for teachers. Even as the role of teachers is being challenged, the need for teachers cannot be ignored or denied. Teachers are no less important in the new system than they were in the old. But teachers will play an entirely different role as students will soon be able to do their learning in their own time, at their own pace, at their own place.

Social learning platforms are going to be my future digital classrooms. Future learning will be conducted through social media tools such as blogs, microblogs, discussion forums, wikis, group calendars, social bookmarking and file/image/audio/video sharing. Books and documents in print will be eliminated. As this change progressively veers toward new-age technology, it is irreversible as once students have experienced such independence in learning, it will be very difficult, almost impossible, to get students to return to the old, constrained ways.

Even though this revolution may encourage independence and competence in new-age technological products, the downside is that education will become more pricey and the learning opportunity for people from lower income groups will be crippled. Some people will just not be able to justify this extra expense for electronic products that will take over the role of books even though social media is free.

Dull or exciting as it may sound, the biggest challenge for scintillating and successful e-learning which can transform a community into knowledge workers, is that of generating as many marvellous reusable digital learning objects that it is possible for our society to produce. The right to learn should not be stripped from anyone who actively strives for greater knowledge.


2 Responses to “Where classrooms are a state of mind…”

  1. theteachingwhore March 5, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    Yes, technology will continue to transform education–in good and bad ways. I find too many students do not want to interact person-to-person anymore. And that’s a disastrous road we’ll be traveling.

  2. spoonfish March 30, 2011 at 6:50 am #

    technology is taking over the WORLD, not just transforming education.

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