Gaga Gaga on the wall, who is the Queen of them all?

6 Feb

With 8 million followers and counting, Lady Gaga is poised to become the reigning queen of Twitter. As of December 2010, Lady Gaga has taken the crown from Britney Spears to become the most-followed person on Twitter by a full million, almost two. Every single Singaporean could follow Lady Gaga on Twitter and it still wouldn’t be enough to form her large follower base. In addition, Famecount, a service that analyzes the most popular celebs, sports teams, movies and more across an array of social networks, has researched and produced statistics that shows, Lady Gaga is the most popular person online when adding up her Facebook, Twitter and Youtube stats.

She is officially the queen of social media.

So, my dear reader, are you one of them Gaga followers?

Now before I go gaga, social media is reaching greater heights and the importance of social media in our lives these days is undeniable. It is impacting almost every role, at every kind of company and is used in all parts of the world. Just a couple of years back, micro blogging programs were just one of the many on the Internet. The situation has since changed as programs such as currently hugely popular Twitter, has risen to become more than just another program and is now in the mainstream. The power of Twitter and its little box of 140 alphabets has established a community within itself, uniting every user from countries, oceans and skies apart through trend setting and the participation of many celebrities. Twitter, is a language on its own.

But then again, the important question to ask is, is social media worth your time?

For many people, time is money and money is time. My personal opinion on this is that, social media is indeed worth your time. For those with businesses out there, it is time to tune in to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Friendster, Bebo and all that you can think of for your marketing and communication purposes. Simply because they CAN show you the money. People may say that nothing comes free in this world, but social networking sites as such, prove the cliched saying wrong because to become a user and to be able to gain access to all the benefits and privileges, IS free.

According to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which surveyed 1,898 small business owners, one in three business owners say that social media helps them to close businesses. Social media increases web traffic and opens opportunities to build new partnerships, undoubtedly one of the most important aspect of business dealings. More than half of respondants said social media generates good sales leads. Presenting your company to the world through these sites will aid in feeding exposure as there will be a significant rise in search engine rankings. What could be better?

Social media does not only benefit corporate entities. Social media is beneficial to everyone. Every user has a connection with every other fellow user and, a great deal of money can still be saved in the process. You can connect with friends miles apart without having to incur IDD rates, just because of the presence of Skype, Viber, Facebook Chats, MSN and the like on the internet. With the ease of accessibility to the internet in recent times, what used to be large costs for individuals with friends and relatives living overseas has been greatly reduced. The advantages and reasons that support social media being time-worthy does not just end there. Once closed windows of your friends and relatives’ lives are now opened and shared with people who request to be connected and involved on social networking sites, allowing individuals to keep track of the lives of their loved ones even with the overwhelming hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To sum it all most appropriately, Spannerworks writes, “A good way to think about social media is that all of this is actually just about being human beings. Sharing ideas, cooperating and collaborating to create art, thinking and commerce, vigorous debate and discourse, finding people who might be good friends, allies and lovers – it’s what our species has built several civilisations on.

This is not a case of definitely, maybe. It is a case to be seconded.


One Response to “Gaga Gaga on the wall, who is the Queen of them all?”

  1. spoonfish March 30, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    I believe viral marketing in social media is the most effective way to reach out to youths (if they are the intended target audience). Yes, and It’s free! Everyone spends more than half the day logged onto social media. We can be sure whatever message we are sending will definitely reach the audience.

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