Caution: Internet at work!

24 Jan


Internet users these days are becoming younger, more naive and more susceptible to manipulation. In recent times, the Internet is used for almost any human activity imagined, from shopping to sex, from research to rebellion. In the last decades of the twentieth century, the Internet has become the newest mass medium, opening up a whole new world of computer-mediated communication that has revolutionized the way people live their lives. It could be said that what initially started out as a miracle advancement in technology has since been exploited to such a great extent and may as well pose as a threat to humanity.

Mankind over benefit from the easy accessibility of the Internet. Harmless advantages involving the usage of the world wide web to facilitate research purposes (fast access to information) and for easy entertainment have mutilated into harmful disadvantages involving cases of piracy, terrorist recruitment and stranger danger. The never ending list of such destructive possibilities all because of the explicitness of the Internet is appalling. In the end, instead of enhancing lives, it may well end it in ways that we cannot imagine. Fancy being blast to ash sooner than expected due to the intensity of online terrorist recruitment or have your wonderful life turned into a nightmare by falling prey to stranger danger much?

Manipulation in cyberspace is not limited to time zones and physical space and is almost effortless just being a click away. A note of caution, thicken up and resist succumbing to such ‘temptations’. It works both ways if victimized. It is both you, and the Internet.


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